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  • Have you ever had a phone running out of battery while you were communicating something important at work?
    During a trip, have you ever had a phone running out of battery while you were taking a photo of a beautiful landscape?
    Have you ever found yourself helping a friend buy a dress in a shopping center via video but your phone ran out of battery?
    Have you ever been skiing and wanting to call your family but your cell phone wouldn’t turn on in any way?
    Have you ever had to rush home because you forgot to bring the phone charging cable with you?
    Is it true that every time you have to recharge your mobile phone you need to sit next to it for a whole hour?
    Piico Powerbank Sharing fully
    charges your
    at any time

    About Piico

    Piico Powerbank Sharing is the first Powerbank that supports contactless payment and any other form of payment in the world. Piico Powerbank Sharing is also provided with a new media advertising function through which transactions can be completed by clicking products/services on the LED display.
    New convenient and fast mobile charging method for mobile phones and IPADs, so that your device does not turn off.
    Contactless card payment to complete rental procedure directly, to rent and return the Piico Powerbank across regions.
    Advertising function with performable transactions allowing both advertisements broadcasting and monetization.
    Many value-added services for merchants to provide their customers with, making them more willing to stay in the stores.


    Piico Powerbank Sharing, small model
    The small model of Piico Powerbank Sharing has 10 battery slots and a 10-inch touch screen. Users can use the localization function of the Piico Service APP to find the charging devices in many stores and rent the Piico Powerbank by any payment method, such as contactless card payment. It is suitable for all mobile phones brands and can be returned offsite and on the next day. It is convenient for those users who urgently need power for their mobile phones or Ipads on the move. Piico Powerbank Sharing equipment also helps merchants to provide their customers with the best mobile phone/Ipad mobile charging value-added services without electric loss and charging cable loss. Since Piico Smart Powerbank Sharing comes with a LED display, they can also provide merchants with more value-added services such as restaurant orders function or advertising packages.
    Piico Powerbank Sharing, large model

    The large model of Piico Smart Powerbank Station belongs to a new generation of smart equipment. It has 40 battery slots and a 43-inch touch screen. It is a complete smart IOT terminal that includes: a multimedia display, a network information transmission system and a control software in the Cloud, moreover, it can make advertisements through multimedia materials such as pictures, texts, videos and widgets (weather, exchange rates, etc.). Piico Smart Powerbank Stations turn advertisements from passive to dynamic by increasing interactivity and providing public service functions, so as to attract customers to browse them actively. This device is more suitable for large shopping malls, hotels, airports, train stations, and tourist attractions. While meeting the mobile charging needs of many people, it also provides other pay-per-use value-added services like advertisements with performable transactions, promotion service for brand image and live shopping.

    Rechargeable Battery

    The front and back stickers of Piico rechargeable Powerbank can be personalized according to the needs of the merchant. The theme can be changed regularly, with exquisite quality manufacture, it is worthy of personal collection.

    Piico Powerbank has 5000 MAH high-quality cells, it comes with 2 charging cables supporting MICRO, TYPE C and APPLE LIGHTING MFI charging ports. Its Power Output is the standard 5V 2A with Quick Charge so that it can charge mobile devices faster.

    Piico shared Powerbank for mobile phone are rechargeable and environmentally friendly, they can be used repeatedly and recycled.
    • Do you want to get your own personal delivery platform?
    • Do you want to have your own customers?
    • Do you want to own and manage your personal riders?
    • Do you want to use the Internet to find and attract more customers without restrictions?

    Digimeal-Mutligual order

    • Multilingual Orders
    • Eat-in + Delivery + Pick-up
    • Code Scan + Orders by Social Media Links
    • Independent management of orders and users + Management of riders
    • Safe payment

    Digimeal is the Smart Restaurant System offered by Pico.

    The system supports a delivery and ordering service at the restaurant.

    The ordering service at the restaurant provides for the multilingual translation of the menu and the description of the dishes, in order to facilitate customers from different countries.

    The advantages included are: ordering at the table with QR code, sending the order quickly, reducing staff and direct contact with customers.

    Digimeal differs from other delivery platforms as it enables the restaurant to personally manage orders and users. It is possible to publish the restaurant's promotional information on Social platforms, allowing customers to place orders by clicking directly on the link or by scanning the QR code, without downloading any APP.

    The system also supports a riders management module, to manage your riders independently or collectively.

    Contact us for Digimeal:

    How It Works

    Find Piico
    When mobile phone/Ipad is low on battery, please look for Piico.
    Tap the contactless bank card or use other payment methods to rent a Powerbank and it pops up.
    Users can use the Powerbank, and even take it back home and charge it repeatedly.
    Return and calculate the rental time, deduct from the deposit and return the remaining funds.


    Location and Customer Flow
    Merchants, thanks to Piico Powerbank rental service and its innovative functions, will increase their customer flow and in-store dwell time.
    Multilingual value-added services
    Merchants, thanks to Pico Powerbank Sharing rental service, will get multilingual value-added services. For example, in restaurants, clothing stores, hospitals, shopping malls.
    Brand promotion
    Piico Powerbank Sharing can also provide special advertisements and activities for brand promotion.


    If you are a merchant or a brand distributor, you can customize Piico Powerbank Sharing equipment to provide your customers with mobile phone/Ipad charging value-added services while personalizing your own brand and sale promotion offers combined with multi-language and clickable new media functions to perform transactions. For example, if enterprises customize their advertisement or product page, by scanning the stickers on the two sides of the battery, customers can get a link to the designated website or promotional page.
    If you are an agent, you can sell/rent Piico Powerbank Sharing to help your clients provide mobile/Ipad charging services for their customers with other personalized value-added services that suit their needs.